Letter from the founder

Hi, I’m Nanon

I’m the founder of Juvetti. My mission is to responsibly create beautiful jewellery and give something back to the beautiful earth that gave birth to all of us.
Juvetti Jewellery UK Owner - Nanon

Growing up in Thailand, I witnessed firsthand the impact of gemstone mining. Unethical community treatments, contamination of water sources and land obliteration are just a few of the atrocities that continue to damage our precious earth as a result of gem excavation. Saddened by what I thought was beautiful and romantic and to see how actually the way our land was treated during the excavation of these ‘beautiful’ gems, I was determined to find a means to produce precious gemstones for jewellery without adversely impacting the environment.
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Prior to Juvetti, I worked in Finance consulting. I had the opportunity to travel around the world and met many people who also desired a more sustainable approach to fashion and jewellery. It became clear to me that an ethical jewellery brand, such as Juvetti, was sorely needed.
I drew on my educational experience of studying Chemical Engineering at Imperial College as well as Business Management at the London Business School. This helped me to identify sustainable and innovative methods of cultivating high-grade precious gemstones in lab environments. From here I created beautiful jewellery out of these dazzling gemstones and brought them to market – ethical, fine jewellery sustainably produced from conception to completion.
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I would be more than happy to answer any questions, book you in for a viewing, or take your feedback at nanon@juvetti.com.