Size guide - ring

To measure your ring size, please print our size chart in A4 size and scale to 100%, making sure the "scale to fit" option is unchecked in the print dialogue box.

You can check the accuracy of your print by positioning a credit card on the line below. The scale is correct if the credit card and line length match.

You have 2 options to measure your ring size, (1) measure by matching your existing ring size and (2) measure your ring size with a ruler.

Option 1: measure by matching your existing ring size

Find an existing ring that fits you well and match the inside of that ring with our ring size below. If your ideal fit falls between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size. 

Option 2: measure your ring size with a ruler

Carefully cut out the ruler and the line to create an opening. Wrap the ruler around your finger at the base and pull the tapered end through the opening. To make sure the ring will fit comfortably, we suggest also measuring your knuckle and select a size that goes through your finger easily.

For custom sizes, please contact (xxx).

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