Our materials

An artful balance of purity and practicality. We select only the most precious gemstones high up on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness to ensure an eternal beauty that shines throughout the years. Our gemstones are a fusion of durability and dazzling beauty, the perfect mix of opulence and resilience for contemporary life.

Ethical and sustainable practices are close to our hearts. Concerned by the impact of gemstone and precious metal mining on the environment and communities, we decided to reimagine the jewellery production process. Consequently, Juvetti opts out of mining. We use recycled gold and our gemstones are cultured from applying its birth conditions over natural elements in renewable energy powered labs.

The composition of Juvetti diamonds, sapphires and emeralds are 100% natural. They enjoy the same chemical structure, alluring optical properties and striking physical features as natural gemstones - yet are cultured in a revolutionary and ethical manner.

Our cultured gemstones are not to be confused with gemstone simulants, such as Nano Crystals or Cubic Zirconia. These manmade simulants fail to share the same optical appearance and physical properties that make precious gemstones so desirable. They show signs of wear and lose their lustre very quickly.