What we do

Juvetti is a sustainable and ethical jewellery brand specialising in fine jewellery made with high quality lab grown diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald.

Our jewellery is ethically and sustainably made by fully opting out of precious gemstones and precious metal mining.

Juvetti was born from a passion for fine jewellery and a desire to responsibly redefine modern elegance.

Our mission is to responsibly create beautiful jewellery and give something back to the beautiful earth that gave birth to all of us.

We create timeless perfections.

Juvetti's precious gemstones are cultivated by applying the gemstones' birth conditions over natural elements in sustainable energy-powered labs. They enjoy the same chemical structure, alluring optical properties and striking physical features as natural gemstones. The composition of Juvetti diamonds, sapphires and emeralds are 100% natural. Just like natural stones, precious gemstones created through lab-cultured methods come in a varied quality, yet only the carefully hand-selected, superior stones make the cut for Juvetti. From vivid colour saturation to flawless facets, our gemstones boast all of the finest qualities. Each piece of our jewellery is individually handcrafted to the best standard by our highly skilled craftsmen.

We want our customers to have peace of mind on every step of our jewellery making process. That’s why we only use recycled gold and silver in our designs and our workshops are certified to ensure safe work conditions, fair employee rights and responsible governance.

Ethical and sustainable practices are close to our hearts.

Water pollution and chemical contamination are key environmental issues caused by mining, not to mention the ethical issues and social conflicts that the mines bring. This is why for each Juvetti piece sold, we provide a child in need with clean water supply for 1 year.

‘Juvetti wants you to enjoy stunning fine jewellery with integrity and pride.’

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