Why Ruby Necklace Is the Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

Ruby necklaces are a timeless, beautiful, versatile gift that can be cherished for any occasion. From their vibrant colour and classic appeal to their symbolic meaning and durability, rubies make a truly special present.

 1. The Timeless Beauty of Rubies

Rubies stand out with their captivating radiance, a unique brilliance and fire blend further accentuated by their iconic hue. This mesmerizing interplay has crowned them as the "king of gemstones" across diverse cultures and epochs. Their colour spectrum, from a delicate pink to the deeply coveted "pigeon blood" red, adds depth to their perceived luminosity. Beyond their aesthetic allure, rubies resonate with profound emotions such as love and passion, making a ruby necklace a gift and a heartfelt emblem. Despite shifting jewellery trends, the timeless appeal of rubies remains unchallenged, symbolizing luxury, warmth, and elegance.

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Their high refractive index enables them to exhibit an unparalleled brilliance, and when paired with precise cuts—be it oval, cushion, or emerald—the gem's natural properties are magnified. Their impressive score of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale ensures durability, making ruby necklaces practical for everyday wear. Today, the value of a ruby goes beyond lore, determined by attributes such as colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight, with the "pigeon blood" hue representing the zenith of ruby quality.

2. Where are natural ruby gemstones found?

  • Myanmar: Best known for its "pigeon blood" red rubies. Historically, these gems were traded on the ancient Silk Road, mainly reserved for royalty and nobility. 
  • Thailand: Produces darker rubies, often with a burgundy shade. 
  • Sri Lanka: Known as the "Island of Gems", offers rubies with lighter, pinkish to orangish hues. 
  • Africa: Tanzania, Mozambique, and Madagascar have recently emerged as significant ruby sources. Mozambican rubies, for instance, can rival the quality of those from Myanmar.
  • Vietnam: While the colour of Vietnamese rubies can vary, their quality is often on par with Myanmar's. 
  • Afghanistan: The region produces rubies with a deep red shade, though mining is hampered by political instability.

 3. Celebrating Milestones with Ruby Necklaces

Beyond being an adornment, a ruby symbolizes deep admiration, love, and genuine thoughtfulness. It resonates with timeless sentiments, making it the perfect gift for various milestones.

  • 40th Anniversary: A ruby is traditionally gifted to mark the 40th wedding anniversary, symbolizing enduring strength and deep love over four decades.
  • July Birthstone: Rubies, the birthstone for July, make for a thoughtful and personal gift for those born this month.
  • Graduations, Achievements, & Promotions: Historically cherished by monarchs and nobility, rubies signify prosperity, power, and wealth. They're believed to attract success and abundance, especially revered in the Hindu tradition as "ratnaraj" or "the king of precious stones".
  • Romantic Occasions: Perfect for Valentine's Day, proposals, and anniversaries, the ruby's deep red colour represents intense emotions. Universally, it symbolizes love, desire, and passion, reflecting the depth of human emotion, often linked with tales of love in various mythologies.


4. Importance of gift-giving and making occasions special

The act of gifting is a cherished tradition. It emphasizes personal connections and serves as a testament to shared emotions and milestones. These radiant treasures, which are holders of stories and symbols of evolving styles and sentiments, convey an unspoken emotional language, extending beyond materiality to embody the very essence of connections. Such acts of gifting reflect personal admiration and resonate with our cultural heritage and collective bond, forging ties that echo through time.

Today's gifters prioritize a personal touch, valuing quality over quantity. The story behind a gemstone, its ethical sourcing, and artisanal craftsmanship heighten its appeal. Modern jewellery enthusiasts also appreciate versatility, blending classic pieces like ruby necklaces with contemporary styles, reflecting an evolving yet enduring appreciation of beauty and sentiment. 

Ruby necklaces are an extraordinary gift that can be cherished for any occasion. Ruby necklaces make a lasting impression on the receiver with their timeless beauty, symbolic meaning, and durability. 

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 5. A Gifting Guide to Choosing the Perfect Ruby Necklace UK:

Here's a guide to help you make an informed choice:

Ruby Shade: Rubies vary from deep red to pink. Match the shade to the recipient's preference and skin tone.

  • Deep Red (often termed "Pigeon Blood" Red): This is the highest prized shade of ruby. It's a vibrant, medium-dark red with a hint of blue, which gives the stone depth.
    • Skin Tones Best Suited: This shade complements almost all skin tones but particularly stands out on fair and medium skin tones. It can offer a rich contrast and make a bold statement.
    • Preference: Ideal for those who love classic and luxurious gemstone shades.
  • Rich Burgundy Red: A darker, more wine-coloured ruby. It can sometimes appear almost brownish-red under specific lighting.
    • Skin Tones Best Suited: Deep and olive skin tones can carry this shade well, as it complements their natural undertones.
    • Preference: Perfect for those with a penchant for deeper, more muted colours.
  • Medium True Red: A balanced, true red without being too dark or light.
    • Skin Tones Best Suited: Universal appeal, matching with almost all skin tones, from fair to deep.
    • Preference: Ideal for those who want a versatile piece that can be worn on various occasions, both casual and formal.
  • Pinkish Red: A vibrant mix of red with noticeable pink undertones.
    • Skin Tones Best Suited: Fair to medium skin tones can wear this shade beautifully, especially if they have pinkish undertones in their skin.
    • Preference: Suitable for those who want a playful, youthful touch to their gemstone.
  • Light Pink: More pink than red, this shade of ruby is soft and subtle.
    • Skin Tones Best Suited: Fair skin tones, especially with a cooler undertone, can complement this shade well.
    • Preference: Ideal for individuals who prefer softer, pastel-like gemstones or want a more understated piece of jewellery. 

If in doubt, look at the colours and types of jewellery they currently wear. Do they lean towards bold statement pieces or subtle, softer colours? The undertone (cool, warm, neutral) also plays a role; cool undertones tend to pair well with true reds and pinkish rubies, while warm undertones might favour deep reds and burgundies, and neutral undertones can generally pull off a broad spectrum. The deeper and classic "Pigeon Blood" red is universally appealing and versatile, making it a safe bet if you're unsure.

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Necklace Length:

  • Choker (14-16 inches): Best suited for off-shoulder or plunging necklines.
  • Princess (17-19 inches): Versatile, complements most outfits.
  • Matinee (20-24 inches): Ideal for both casual and business attire.
  • Opera (28-36 inches): Versatile; can be doubled for a layered effect.
  • Rope (Over 36 inches): Perfect for adding a dash of elegance to evening wear; can be layered.

Setting Metal & Type: From rose gold to platinum, select what complements the ruby and aligns with the recipient's taste.

  • Prong Setting: Enhances the ruby's brilliance but leaves it more exposed.
  • Bezel Setting: Modern, protective design.
  • Halo Setting: Emphasizes the ruby by surrounding it with smaller gems.
  • Pavé or Channel Setting: Ideal for creating a shimmering ruby accent.


Factoring Personal Style: Consider whether they lean towards understated elegance or bold statements.

  • Classic and Timeless: Solitaire pendants or designs combined with diamonds enhance outfits like the traditional little black dress or tailored suit. Consider ruby solitaire necklaces and stud earrings for those who love timeless pieces.
  • Modern and Minimalistic: For those with a penchant for contemporary styles, geometric, asymmetric, or avant-garde chokers fit the bill. Minimalists can opt for bezel-set bracelets or sleek chains with ruby pendants.
  • Vintage and Romantic: Designs reminiscent of eras like Victorian or Art Deco captivate those with a love for nostalgia. Meanwhile, rubies evoke feelings of love and warmth, making delicate pendants or drop earrings paired with flowing dresses a perfect romantic choice.
  • Bohemian and Artistic: Artisanal, layered ruby designs, or those combined with other gemstones, resonate with boho-chic and artistic individuals.
  • Bold, Edgy, and Contemporary: Those looking to make a statement will find rubies versatile. Chunky rings, chokers, and geometric or asymmetrical designs can be the highlight of any ensemble.
  • Cultural and Ethnic: Rubies seamlessly complement traditional attires from various cultures, elevating the grace of sarees, kaftans, and more.
  • Business Professional: In the corporate realm, rubies add sophistication. Subtle pieces like brooches or cufflinks provide a touch of elegance without overpowering the professional attire.


Consider Face Shape: Choosing a necklace style that complements the face shape can enhance the overall appearance:

  • Oval Faces: Almost any necklace length or design complements this face shape. However, both short chokers and long opera necklaces work particularly well.
  • Round Faces: Longer necklaces with dangling or drop earrings can help elongate the appearance of the face. Opt for matinee or opera lengths that draw the eye vertically.
  • Heart-shaped Faces: Chokers or short princess-length necklaces for a teardrop or chandelier earrings can balance the narrower chin with the broader forehead. Designs that sit close to the collarbone can be particularly flattering.
  • Square Faces: Medium to long necklaces that soften the strong jawline are ideal. Avoid chokers and, instead, opt for chains that have a bit of roundness or curvature in their design.

While technical considerations are crucial, the emotional resonance of the gift is paramount. It's always a good idea to infuse personal touches or select a piece that mirrors the recipient's personality, ensuring that your gift is both cherished and worn with pride.

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 6. Complementary to Various Jewelry Pieces

 In the world of jewellery, rubies are like versatile actors, excelling in solo roles or as part of ensemble casts. By understanding the complementary nature of different gemstones and metals, one can create captivating jewellery sets. Each piece, while stunning on its own, is elevated by the presence of the others.


Creating a Cohesive Look with Complementary Adornments:

  • Diamonds: Rubies and diamonds are a classic pairing. The clear, brilliant sparkle of diamonds accentuates the deep red of rubies, creating a combination that's both dazzling and sophisticated. A ruby necklace UK paired with diamond earrings or a tennis bracelet exudes luxury.
  • Pearls: The lustrous sheen of pearls combined with the intense hue of rubies offers a mix of soft elegance and vibrant passion. A ruby necklace layered with a pearl strand or paired with pearl earrings evokes a vintage charm, making it perfect for formal events.
  • Emeralds: The vibrant green of emeralds against the fiery red of rubies creates a captivating contrast. This combination is reminiscent of the festive season and works wonderfully for statement pieces.
  • Sapphires: The deep blue of sapphires paired with rubies offers a regal and timeless look. This duo is often seen in heirloom jewellery, symbolizing luxury and elegance.

Matching Ruby Necklace with Other Jewelry: A ruby necklace can beautifully complement various other jewellery items, such as earrings, bracelets, and rings.

  • Proportion: With a statement ruby necklace, choose understated earrings and bracelets to keep the necklace as the ensemble's highlight. On the other hand, a delicate ruby necklace allows you the freedom to wear more substantial earrings or a chunky bracelet.
  • Extension: Introducing a delicate ruby bracelet or bangle alongside your ruby necklace continues the radiant red theme, providing an addition to the ensemble. Similarly, ruby rings, be they solitaires or paired with other gems, should resonate with the necklace's design, promoting visual cohesion.
  • Coordination: The length and design of your ruby necklace can influence the choice of accompanying jewellery. A choker-style ruby necklace often pairs best with shorter earrings, whereas longer chains can be accentuated with dangling earrings.


Harmonize Tones and Shades: The colours of the rubies in both the necklace and earrings should be complementary. While an exact match is striking, playing with varying shades (from pigeon blood red to pinkish hues) can offer depth and dimension.

Consistency in Settings: For cohesion, match the metal settings. If your ruby necklace UK is set in white gold, consider ruby earrings with a similar environment.

Play with Gemstone Combinations: Ruby pairs beautifully with other gemstones. If your ruby necklace features other gemstones, consider earrings that incorporate similar complementary gemstones.

How to Spot a Genuine Ruby Necklace


While striving for balance is essential, jewellery is an avenue for self-expression. Embrace the opportunity to mix and match, ensuring your ensemble reflects your distinctive style and flair. Your personal touch is what will make you look genuinely remarkable.

 7. Versatility in Design

 Ruby necklaces can be crafted to suit a vast array of styles and sentiments. Such adaptability means rubies can grace both contemporary pendants and vintage rings. Their design flexibility ensures they are fit for daily elegance and special occasions.

  • Simple Pendants: The Solitaire Pendant features either a single ruby or multiple rubies, prominently set, usually in a prong or bezel setting. This allows the gemstone to shine on its own. The Birthstone Pendant, on the other hand, often showcases a dainty design with a smaller ruby. As a representation of July's birthstone, it may be paired with an engraving or another personal touch.
  • Elaborate Chokers: Victorian Chokers often combine rubies with other gemstones, intricate metalwork, and pearls.
  • Modern Statement Chokers: Contemporary designs using rubies in bold patterns.
  • Lariat Necklaces: A modern and chic design, where a long chain wraps around the neck with rubies adorning the ends, allowing for various styling options.
  • Ruby Stations: Spaced rubies, often bezel-set, are placed intermittently along a chain. This design offers a balanced look, with both the metal and gemstones visible.
  • Vintage or Estate Necklaces: Drawing inspiration from past eras, these designs often incorporate intricate metalwork, lace-like patterns, and rubies combined with other gemstones, reflecting the craftsmanship of bygone times.
  • Artisanal or Bespoke Necklaces: Handcrafted designs that can be one-of-a-kind, showcasing the unique vision of the artisan, with rubies integrated in unconventional and personalized patterns.

8. Celebrity Ruby Necklace Sightings: Famous Adornments That Made Headlines

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood often provide a platform for showcasing exquisite jewellery pieces, setting trends, and inspiring millions. Ruby necklaces, with their vibrant hue and timeless elegance, have graced numerous red carpets and events worn by iconic celebrities. Let's dive into some unforgettable celebrity sightings featuring ruby necklaces:

  • Elizabeth Taylor: Gifted a stunning Cartier ruby and diamond necklace by Richard Burton, Taylor showcased its beauty at many events.
  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: The former First Lady occasionally wore a distinct ruby necklace, exuding timeless elegance.
  • Angelina Jolie: At an awards ceremony, Jolie's ruby necklace stood out, contrasting exquisitely with her gown.
  • Rihanna: At a Met Gala, Rihanna paired her look with a bold ruby choker, marrying classic elegance with her contemporary style.
  • Nicole Kidman: Kidman turned heads with a diamond necklace punctuated by brilliant rubies at a red carpet event.
  • Penélope Cruz: Cruz wore a vintage-inspired ruby and diamond necklace at a film festival, blending old-world charm with modern grace.
  • Beyoncé: At a gala, Beyoncé's ruby necklace perfectly matched her deep red gown, epitomizing luxury.
  • Kate Middleton: The Duchess has been seen in a classic ruby and diamond necklace, reflecting the British royalty's timeless jewellery choices.

Gifts are not just material objects; they're the embodiment of memories, feelings, and stories. A ruby necklace, with its timeless beauty and deep symbolism, ensures that your gift becomes an everlasting memory. Whether you're marking a special anniversary, celebrating a birthday, or simply expressing love and admiration, choose a ruby necklace to leave an indelible mark. 

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